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Halle Berry's Skin Care and Makeup Tips

Halle Berry Reveals the Secret to Her Flawless Skin

Yes, Halle Berry really is as gorgeous and flawlessly complected in person as she appears on screen. So now that your most pertinent question is answered, let's move on to the good stuff. Halle has served as the global brand ambassador for Revlon for over 10 years, and she's set to launch a campaign for the brand's new ColorStay Whipped Creme foundation (which hits shelves June 1).

With Halle's impossibly glowing skin, it's hard not to want to know her skin-care secrets. The actress has a few pearls of wisdom to share on how she maintains her luminous look, along with her tips for living a happy and beautiful life. Find out Halle's advice, the reason she changed her hairstyle, and more when you continue reading.

Her skin care regimen:
Halle is a believer in low-maintenance beauty. Not only has she followed the same routine of cleansing and moisturizing morning and night since her 20s, but she also swears by Kinara Spa in LA, using its in-house products daily. "If you take care of yourself, I think you age gracefully and it all stays together pretty OK," she says.


Her DIY makeup routine:
Halle's stance on makeup is just as low-key. "When I'm not working, I don't really wear makeup. I think it's a good chance to give the skin a break," she reveals. "I'm big on taking care of my skin so that I can go without makeup. I just grab and go, and what it looks like, it looks like." But she can't leave home without her DDF sunscreen and a little lip balm (and maybe a spot of cream blush, if she's going for a fancier vibe). Tip: copy Halle's insider trick by brushing your lips with a toothbrush before every lipstick application for soft, smooth results.

Her career styles:
Halle has played a range of characters, from Dorothy Dandridge to Catwoman (she's an Oscar-winning actress, after all). Her favorite time to play dress-up, however, was for her role in 1997's B*A*P*S, where she sported a blond bouffant, a gold tooth, and claw nails (well before they were in style). Most recently, Halle made the switch from her signature short pixie to her current curly bob is in preparation for her next film. "I'm trying to find who this character is going to be, and the process is fun," she explains. "I'm having fun exploring and playing and trying new things."

Her inner beauty:
When asked what true beauty means to her, Halle shares, "It's feeling comfortable and confident in expressing yourself — not really caring what people think. It's doing whatever I want to do: if I want to wear this hair, if I want to wear that hair." She adds, "I think it means being comfortable with who I am: my authentic self. I find that kind of confidence beautiful in people." We'll definitely have what she's having.

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