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Will Kali Be Back in Stranger Things Season 3?

Stranger Things: How Will Eleven's "Sister" Factor Into Season 3?

If you're like us, you likely blasted your way through the new season of Stranger Things in less than a week. In the wake of this full-tilt marathon, there's only one way to fill the gaping hole that's been left in all of our hearts: get all the information we can about the show's third season.

Luckily, there's already a ton of details out there concerning what's on the horizon. We know that horrible "Mind Flayer" will be back, especially because of the ominous shot at the very end of season two. But there's one other aspect of the season that seems to strongly hint at something to be further explored in future episodes, and that's the introduction of Eleven's "sister," Kali (who also happens to be experiment #008 from the Hawkins Lab).

Many fans strongly disliked the show's seventh episode, which follows Eleven as she tracks down Kali, goes on a mission to kill a former Hawkins Lab employee, and eventually decides to go back home. The reaction was so strong that the show's creators, the Duffer brothers, felt compelled to defend it. Many argue that the episode is unnecessary, but we think it's actually a solid hint about what's to come.


The introduction of Kali tells us two things. On one hand, we learn that there are more people with abilities out there. In other words, all of the children preceding Eleven aren't necessarily dead from the experiments. On the other hand, we also learn that the evil Dr. Brenner might not be dead.

The most obvious answer is that Kali will be back. Perhaps she and Eleven really will team up to track down more Hawkins employees after all. Or maybe, due to some greater threat — we're looking at you, Mr. Mind Flayer — they'll focus their energies on something else entirely. Even better, maybe they'll track down more "brothers" and "sisters" and build some kind of awesome '80s superhero team! The possibilities are endless.

Even if Kali doesn't return, though, she's served an important purpose: she's broadened the scope of the Stranger Things universe. As we mentioned, this could lead to a multitude of different storylines; perhaps Eleven will be inspired to search for more people like her, or maybe she will finally decide that she's ready to find "Papa." All we know is that Eleven isn't the only gifted person out there, and because of that, the whole show has changed.

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