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Baby Trying to Breastfeed Off a Naked Barbie Doll

This Baby Trying to Nurse Off a Naked Barbie Is as Desperately Cute as It Gets

Sometimes, it takes a highly skilled breastfeeding mom to recognize one of the telltale signs of a hungry baby. There's a subtle lip smack, perhaps a tugging at their ears, or even a sharp squeal. Other times, however, the clues are a bit more obvious.

For instance, when 5-month-old baby Mila got ahold of a naked Barbie doll, I don't think anyone was unclear that this little girl was hungry.

"I was tending to my twins, making sure they were ready for bed, and Mila picked up Marley's Barbie doll and decided to check to see if Barbie has milk," mom Chanel McNeil wrote on YouTube, joking that it was her infant's first DIY tutorial on breastfeeding. "The cutest thing ever."

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