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Holderness Family Video About Going to the Beach With Kids

This Video About How the Beach Experience Changes After Kids Is VERY Spot On

Here's what it looks like to go to the beach at 23: you show up early with an iced coffee, spread out your towel, apply SPF 15 and tanning oil, and sleep in the sun for seven hours while you work on your tan. And then there's the beach after kids, which includes SPF 100, bulky sand toys, snacks, lunches, drinks, rash guards, sandy butts, hats, chairs, umbrellas, boogie boards, 20 towels, and not nearly enough hands to carry it all. In a hilarious video from the Holderness family, mom and dad Kim and Penn explain the beach's many challenges once you have a whole family to tote with you, and it's so spot on it hurts. (Plus, Kim's personal struggle at the end is so me, it's insane.) Watch the video above — we expect you'll find yourself nodding through the entire thing.

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